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For MRA Members- Value-Priced Health Insurance from America’s Finest Carriers

The Marketing Research Association, along with the expertise of WorldWide Insurance Services, Inc., is pleased to provide a program of health insurance benefits for our members. Active MRA members, their employees and families are eligible to participate in this program.

  • Health Insurance
  • Part-Time Employee Coverage (details below)
  • Home Health Care/Long-Term Care
  • Critical Illness
  • And Other Program Options

For details on this special MRA benefit, visit www.mybenefitsforlife.com/mra

Part-Time Employee Health Insurance

MRA insurance benefits for part-time employees:

WORLDWIDE INSURANCE SERVICES, INC., in conjunction with the Marketing Research Association, is proud to introduce My Benefits for Life©, a comprehensive selection of voluntary benefits designed to address the needs of your employees and their families.

My Benefits for Life© was developed for MRA member firms in response to one of our industry’s greatest challenges…attracting and retaining quality part-time employees. In recognition of the diverse characteristics of your workforce, My Benefits for Life© has something for everyone. The program offers seven groups of age or situation-appropriate product categories, plus a general category appropriate for all ages. These groupings were developed with the input of MRA members who have made it clear that today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before. The categories are Young and Single, Young Families, Single Parents, You and Your Spouse, Golden Agers, Single “Boomers”and Just For Kids.

All of the My Benefits for Life© plans are portable, meaning that employees have the option to retain coverage after terminating employment. Employers have a choice of employer billing or employee billing on many of the products offered.

Highlights of the program include:

  • No cost to employers
  • A Personalized Website for each MRA member’s firm (www.mybenefitsforlife.com)
  • Personalized benefit selection forms for employees
  • No administration other than optional payroll deduction
  • A comprehensive “menu” of health, life, disability, dental, long-term care and discount plans from top-rated insurance carriers
  • Option to offer program to full-time employees either as a total benefit package or as an enhancement to existing group coverages
  • Medical plans for as little as $3.95 per week (available in most states)
  • No COBRA requirements

My Benefits for Life© will give your firm the competitive edge in recruiting and retention. Your employees will appreciate your recognition of their unique, personal needs because My Benefits for Life© is not a “one size fits all” plan of insurance.

For more information visit www.mybenefitsforlife.com/mra to request your company’s own personalized website.

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