becomeApplication and Fees for PRC

Who Can Apply?

Individuals may apply for the Professional Researcher Certification by completing the online application. Information must be complete. Applications that are not complete will not be addressed. Applications will be reviewed by the Certification Review Committee and the MRA Staff.

Applicants and currently certified individuals: please be aware that inquiries may be made by potential business partners on your certification status. Names of currently certified individuals will be released upon request. To ensure your privacy, information on the status of a pending application will be released with your express written permission only.

Application and Renewal Fees (renewal is required every 2 years) for Professional Researcher Certification are as follows:

  • Expert Level: $250
  • Practitioner Level: $200

Exam Fees: 150.00 per exam


Dual Certification Policy

In certain circumstances where a candidate has dual or overlapping job responsibilities the Review Committee may allow that candidate to pursue two Certifications. The following criteria must be met in order to qualify for consideration:

  1. Must annually maintain a 40/60 % split between the two disciplines.
  2. Must satisfy the educational and practical requirements established by the Certification Board for each Certification.
  3. An application for each Certification must be submitted.
  4. An application and renewal fee will apply for each Certification.
Second Certification
Practitioner: $200$100