MRA First Outlook Conference Digital Stamp

Tell everyone that you are heading to Orlando to attend the 2010 MRA First Outlook Conference

Whether you are speaking, exhibiting, sponsoring or attending let your colleagues and business partners know that you will be at the MRA First Outlook Conference by posting a Marketing Research Association digital stamp on your Web site, in your email, and on your blog. Let your network know they can meet you there!

Read below how you can use the "I'm Attending" digital stamp. If you are speaking, exhibiting or sponsoring, contact Erynn Szewczyk for a specially designated digital stamp.

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Place the stamp on your website

Copy and Paste this Code into your blog or your Web site.

Large (150x52) version:

<a href=""><img src="" width="150" height="52" border="0" /></a>

Download the stamp

You may also right click (command click on the MAC) and save the image to use elsewhere.

Add the stamp to your email

Find out how to add the stamp to Outlook or Outlook Express.

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