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Wednesday, June 9

2:00 - 3:15 p.m.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

The Perils of Benchmarking: When to Use
and Not Use Benchmarks for Decision Making

John Martin, Ph.D. Chairman, Chadwick Martin Bailey

PRC:  1.25 Contact Hours Business

This presentation will provide a taxonomy of perceptual measurement methods, the nature of benchmarking within this taxonomy and the potential hazards to using benchmarking. The presenters will provide a set of questions that attendees can use to judge when the use of benchmarking is appropriate and when it is not. By the end of this learning session, participants will be able to understand the dangers of external benchmarking and understand some alternatives for identifying gaps besides benchmarking.

Research In The Cloud

From Buzz to Biz: Social Media Research for Results

Annie Pettit
Chief Research Officer, Conversition Strategies

PRC: 1.25 Contact Hours in Research

This session will discuss a new methodology for marketing research. Though the Internet has made data collection via online surveys and focus groups a practical marketing research tool for over a decade, it is only in recent months that a new data source has become viable. Using real data, the presenters will demonstrate how gathering and analyzing existing data from the Internet, such as is available through Facebook, Twitter, or Blogger, can reach beyond simple 'buzz' features to become actionable marketing research data. Pros and cons of the method will be demonstrated including research fundamentals and data quality.


Damage Control for Bad Legal Decisions: Business to Business

LaToya Lang
General Counsel, MRA

PRC: 1.25 Contact Hours in Legal

No matter who you are or where you are in the research business, your company can get caught up in a legal nightmare. Are you aware of the current legal challenges that may impact your business? Are you aware of future legal challenges that may impact your business? This presentation is designed to give practical information about the latest laws and future legal trends that impact survey research professionals. The presentation will provide model guidelines, template language and scenarios to help you avoid, or if you have made, to apply damage control to bad legal decisions.

Parts one and two are designed to be concurrent sessions that will build on information that will be tailored for each aspect of the survey research profession; attend one part or both, but do not miss getting this important information!

End User Only

Challenges and Opportunities in a New Era
of Corporate Marketing Research

Dan Womack
Senior Manager Insights, Aflac Worldwide

PRC: 1.25 Contact Hours-Post Approval

No suppliers, no rules, no worries! This closed session is a unique opportunity for End User researchers to discuss their greatest challenges. The topics of discussion are sure to be relevant because you are driving them. Bring your ideas, your troubles and your solutions. But most importantly, bring yourself and a friend. The more we have the richer the experience for all!